What We Do

If you’re ready to sweat it out but still don’t know what to do, Deshwal.fit is the right place to start. We provide fitness workout plans and weight loss/ gain programs that are goal-oriented and suitable for each individual. Our Body Transformation Studio¬†comprises of unique workout plans and exclusive add-on services of one to one training, periodic tracking, diet plan, and motivation for all fitness fans. Our passionate fitness trainers carry 10+ years of experience in the same domain and practical exposure in training people for a full body transformation.

Our one-month / 30 days body transformation package is specially designed for effective body shaping and toning for quick results. This session has challenging workouts that combine strength training, cardio, and body shaping and yet fit into your busiest schedules.

Our 60 days / 8 weeks plan gives you a little bit more time to push it hard and burn your calories. It progressively increases your workout intensity levels to maximize fat loss and muscle toning, also with a proper diet plan and tracking records of your improvement periodically.

Our 90 days/ 12 weeks transformation workout plan includes a total body transformation package, customized according to the look you want, with all kinds of health problems management, such as fatty liver, PCOD, thyroid management, etc, along with a proper diet plan, which transforms you from fat to fit; A completely new version of you!

One to One Training

Deshwal.fit provides the best one-on-one training paying dedicated time and attention to one's fitness goals and guides according to the need of every individual. Also, we have counseling sessions the motivation of an individual to get a perfectly transformed body.

Periodic Tracking

A fitness tracker has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a pedometer. A new generation of models has all the features you need to track steps, stairs/altitude, distance, heart rate, and more. By adjusting pace, stride length, and running mechanics, athletes can reduce their times and shave seconds off their times.

Diet Plan

Combined with the physical workout, we care about your health too, and that's why we have customized diet plans subjected to individual goals to deliver focused plans, which include a complete package of food, nutrition intake, and balanced nourishment of the body, which can also help fight many chronic or temporary diseases throughout the journey of body transformation.


So you have taken the first step to get yourself fit! Quotes, anecdotes, and messages are fine, but at Deshwal.fit, we keep you boosted and focused towards your personalized goals throughout your total workout sessions, to bring out the best version of you!

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